under major construction

What I plan to have on here I haven't fig out myself. But it'll be cool. Yah yah. But likely I'll have some of my writings in UCLA's APA newsmag Pacific Ties such as my "Geek to Chic" article on APA clothing which appeared in the Fall 98 issue and my "This Hombre rock!" article which is about the increase in Latino employment in Asian restaurant, with a mini bio on Javier from Shau May and that is in bad ass Winter 99 "the oriental issue" (the cover is faboo.) As well as "my music reviews on the MB's Self and Visionaries' Galleries. And maybe some of my rants and raves and artworks of nude male models (cha I wish.)

But feel free to check out what my group did for our Asian Am course. It's called

Women Kick Ass! Women, Media and Agency.
"analyzing the representation of women in the media today. Especially with the increased accessibility of the internet, there have been new forums to create images, perceptions and stereotypes of Asian (American) women. This website is dedicated to how new areas in the media are oppressing and at times inflicting violence on women. But, the following sections also show how there are avenues for Asian (American) women's agency in defining their own lives through words and images."

I worked on the A&E section.

but please enjoy that funky lil thing I made in Photoshop. Whatever it is.

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