Nicknames: a.k.a.~ Tigress Woods, Sheniqua, Sha Na Na, Moesha, Brandy, Spinderella, Brown fish, Choco, (hmmm do I sense a pattern?) What you're Taiwanese? Voodoo Bitch, Goddess, XXX Special K, Lunachick, Ice Queen Sundae, Xena, clincally insane.

Parents: hmmm, well I was hatched in a lab on my home planet I guess test tube A and test tube B. Nono I have 2 parents. And yes they're Taiwanese. Yes I'm 100% Taiwanese. BAH TZHANG FOREVER!!!

Best Friends: My psychic friend Dion....., the blue fairy that sits on my shoulder, nono Shannon, I mean Sharon ;p (PMS Gal) and Janet from another planet (Mental Hospital)

Pets: Had one cute doggie but she died. :( Got only some koi, goldfishes and a green snake and male Bigfoot.

School: Class of 1995 at Costa Mesa High School. And Tangerine Tech babee all the way. OCC ya you know me. Ya I'm down with OCC. 30 yr plan babee. Me english good. hehe But where will I be transferring (hopefully) to this fall? See it's destiny I tell ya.

Dream Car: THE NEW VW Beetle I luv that car. Landrover Discovery and the Honda concept car the JV-X looks kewl. I'm ovah the RAV4. okok I'm a Pinto and Le Car fanatic. Yes the truth cometh out.

Hobbies: Stalking Dean Cain well now Chops hehe, underwater basketweaving, making fun of people who wear GIORDANO, teleporting, talking to the voices in my head, taking over the world, Also I'm a compulsive email junkie. HELP ME! hahaha

Best Advice: uhhhhh....I don't know and don't have one at the's this--Don't eat yellow snow.

Coolest thing that you ever have done: *CLASSIFIED INFORMATION* if I told you I would have to kill. Baby, if ya look under the word cool, my picture would be there. ;p haha Sharon stop laughing you too Ldawg.

Fave things to do in the summer: Walking around in my huge fur coat in 90 degree + weather and see how funky it can get in there.

Fave things to do in the winter: Licking poles. Ah fudge....Eating yellow snow.

Music: All kinds except country and FOB music you know what I'm talkin about LA Boys. ick ick. LeAnn Rimes (is that how ya spell her name?) is pretty good though. Don't really dig techo either. Luv those 80's and of course ABBA. Dancing Queen.... And NKOTB sucks. Yeah that's right Sharon you heard me. Might as well kill off Hanson, Spice Girls and Backstreet Boys while I'm at it. DIE DIE!

Fave Food: Italian but of course, yum yum gonna get me some dim sum and Japanese. Tsuru baby. And Ramen Noodles but of course hehe. Chocolate addict as well. And stuff that tastes like chicken.

Fave Animals:Puppies, dolphins, and extraterrestrials..... Look at the puppies. There's my doggy with her bros and sis. I miss my doggy. 8'(

Fave TV show: Home shopping network.

Fave Day: Feb. 30. Man I'm such a smart ass.

Fave Month: The 13th Month.

Fave Holiday: It's Christmas mummee.

Fave things to wear: Nothing but my birthday suit. ;p

Biggest Fear: Funerals and cemetries give me the heebie jeebies. And those porcelain dolls those are so freaky. Ya know those Victorian type the ones that are psycho and their heads go around 360 degrees. And dummies are pretty freaky as well. And circus clowns. MOMEEEEEE!!!!!!

Fave Color: brown to beige (like that was a mystery) nono I like sepia tone freaks like me.

What do you look like: I have a 3rd eye, bald, webbed feet....hehehe I'm 5'2 to 5'3 tall, shoulder length hair. And here's the amazing part I got black hair and dark brown eyes. (No way. Like way ;p) I don't look Asian. What nationality do I look like D) All the above except Taiwanese.

Yes, it be freaky me with my Scottworth. (note: 3rd eye and blue fairy on shoulder were photoshoped out of the photo and lil rhymning man is under Scottworth's pervert hat. haha)

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