ain't it purty?
(A lot of these links are links I've submitted to AArising or found at AArising. There are more links but maybe when I have more time. Enjoy.)

Taiwanese American Links
National TACL
It's TACL babee! Get the newsletter. Be sure to put TAIWANESE on the Census 2000.
TACL-Los Angeles
Woo hoo hoo it's all about the Bah Tzhang eating people. Webmaster by gogodancer.
TACL-LA-Youth Camps
Been going to this camp since 94. BAH TZHANG KLAN, HEIDELBERG AND of course my PURPLE PIMPS forever! TACL-Summer Camp 98 was faboo. I miss my campers. Winter Camp 99 what can I say was interesting. Purple (People Eaters) Group skit was faboo as usual. Did you expect less?  From the best. heh heh Snowboarding is so much fun even though I don't know how to stop and I suck. BTW I co-webmaster this site. Be sure to get ICQ or AIM so you can talk til 4 in the morning. Or have an email account so ya can get millions of emails from TACLers. And keep Auggie free since that is when Summer Camp 99 is goin to be.
"independent zine about the Taiwanese North American communities"

Asian American Links
Aarising Records
FABOO Asian American links. I'm one of the cybergrrlz. Cool ass webmaster Nelson. Thanks for the One Vision CD.
Asian Avenue
Nice layout. Hmmm try to fig out my alias on there. It's a toughie. Got some weird boytoys runnin around there (hehe) Chiutoy you'll always be my all time fave boytoy.
This HAPA girl rocks! I luv her work. And she went to that bad ass school-The Art Center. Mucho thanks to my fave boytoy for mentioning her to me.
Asian American Action Figures Homepage
Peter's site. This HAPA knows his Taiwanese history. Probably more than I do. But that doesn't say much. I must bow down to thee. Gotta give him props. Great idea. Someone should do an article on what his site is about. Check the Tsunah tour section as well.
Asian American Studies Center at UCLA
Faboo site. Though jen is mad cuz lotsa of classes aren't offered this fall quarter. Oh wellz.
Festival of Filipino Arts and Culture (FPAC)
It was faboo last year there was Pinay, Premiere, Simple, BTA, Peace, Faith and my FAVE Ja'a. Get some halo halo there. This year check out Pinay, Julie Plug, Kai and yes Ja'a.
Media Action Network for Asian Americans (MANAA)
"To create an environment free of racism through accurate, balanced, and sensitive Asian American images."
Women Kick Ass! Women, Media and Agency.
"analyzing the representation of women in the media today. Especially with the increased accessibility of the internet, there have been new forums to create images, perceptions and stereotypes of Asian (American) women. This website is dedicated to how new areas in the media are oppressing and at times inflicting violence on women. But, the following sections also show how there are avenues for Asian (American) women's agency in defining their own lives through words and images." I worked on the A&E section. Check it out! Congrats to Lucy on the birth of ya son Joshua.

api music
Bust me a robotech Mr. Luvjonz. They killed Buffy. hehe I luv the song Nandito Ako. Makes me want to learn Tagalog. Great acapella group check them out. IMHO I think they're one of the best of the Asian Am R&B groups. Cuz do you know how hard it is to do acapella? BTW they're such sweetie poos. Buy their "Outside the Lines" Album. They've been in publications like the Daily Bruin, Pacific Ties, and Varasian. I'm supposedly on staff for Ja'a (me bad staff memeber) but now that I survived my 1st quarter system at UCLA, hopefully I can do more for Ja'a. Had fun taking classes with Paul and Mike. Lars you funnah and Francis I think I have a cold *cough cough achoo* ;p
Julie Plug
I luv "Sometime in June" and "Living in Astrud." She rocks and was faboo at FPAC!
First saw them at FPAC. Faboo group.

api publications
Pacific Ties
UCLA's API newsmagazine. Rich has left the building. Vy is da edita now. I'm a staff writer for PT and I edit the Calendar section so if ya have events goin on tell moi.
dIS*orient journalzine
An APA arts publication. Mr. Hong ($UC) came up with the name and edits for them.
"the irreverent webzine." I LUV IT!!
AsianWeek rocks is not bad. Though I wish I could get it earlier cuz all those events are usually over by the time I get it. Which reminds me better pay up for my subscription. eeps. ;p
A. Magazine
One of the semi-decent Asian Am magazines though I wonder with the past issues. Check out the forum on their site. Much better than Yolks. It's hasn't been spoiled yet. *Update* yes now it has it's collection of a-holes

api theatre
The 18 Mighty Mountain Warriors
They are so funnah. Both Jenni and I had a BLAST hanging out with ya guys and Tamlyn Tomita. (Ferget finals cuz I'm in denial) . I'll always remember that nite forever.  Rhoda thanks for the interview! of my people. (haha) Harold-you're psychotic but in a good way. Good luck on the play hope it's a success. Todd-thanks for inviting us. DO NOT MISS THEIR SHOWS IF THEY EVER COME TO A TOWN NEAR U! 
Lapu, the Coyote that Cares
UCLA's 1st Asian Am theatre ensemble. One of the founders is my cool and funnah TAs, the one and only David Lee. And no he's not mean.  Another founder is AR's bro Derek Mateo. But LCC is faboo. This winter quarter performance was 2 thumbs up. Good job to Tim (better be at summer camp) and Hieu (Mustang pride even though ya diss Costa Messy in the skit tsk tsk) The best was the spoof on Asian Geeks, I mean Greeks. hehe  One prob I had was with the stalker skit cuz what's wrong with stalkers.....
An Asian-Am theatre group. Still haven't gotten a chance to check them out yet but I heard they're good.
Inspire Entertainment
Check out "Thicker Than Water"

api threads
Asian Am conscious clothing founded by Ryan Suda (thanks for the interview and all the help you've been.) Check out my "Geek to Chic" article in the Fall 99 PT issue about Asian Am clothing labels.
Pinay Clothing Co
Man, I wish I were Pilipino so I could wear their clothing. They're cool. Thanks for the shirts Pano! Also featured in my "Geek to Chic" article.
Pilipino clothing. Thanks for the interview Francis! Love the "lil" history ya gave me of the Pilipino culture. Also featured in my "Geek to Chic" article.
594 Gear
A hip-hop gear that is official clothing sponsor to the MBs. Also mentioned briefly in my "Geek to Chic" article.
Hawaiian Island Creations
API founded. Mention briefly in my "Geek to Chic" article.

Hip-Hop Links
Invisbl Skratch Piklz
Rhettmatic said at APAAC who is the granddaddy of Asian Ams in hip hop? DJ Qbert. And I know other peeps that would agree as well. Check out the Real Audio Clips of Turntable TV funnah ass shit. Make me laugh hehe. And I think Qbert's kinda cute. woo hoo hoo. hmmm someone to add on my S.A.M.? I want the Wavetwister album.
Key Kool, DJ Rhettmatic of the WORLD FAMOUS BEAT JUNKIES and Dannu are part of the Visionaries, which is on the Asian American run label-Up Above Records (Pres. Doug Kato). Heard that Key Kool goes to UCLA. Cool Beans. And saw Key Kool and Rhettmatic at APAAC early this year at UCI. The hip-hop workshop was faboo. I like I like. Their 1st LP "Galleries"  is out and got some tasty tracks like "Blessings."
Rock With Finesse
(new website addy)A New Jersey crew. Check out my camper Eugene AKA Sweet Pea. Best of luck at NYU. BTW Kuttin Kandi from 5th Platoon is part of RWF. Hope to see more femme Asian Ams in hip-hop.
Mountain Brothers
Great hip-hop group that stays true to hip-hop that happens to be Asian. Chops no yum yum gonna get me some...dim sum 8( Oh well til next time. Sexy manly voice of yours. Self album dropping this Feb. 99. And check the faboo reviews at XXL, URB, HHC, Vibe, MTV, and Pulse and of course my review in the Fall 98 issue of Pacific Ties written by yours truly. BUY THE ALBUM! IT'S absolutely FABOO!
Kronick Magazine
Found an issue in the Pac Ties office. And this mag is faboo. Luv the writing. The Julie Plug review was so funnah! Poodle-pop. hehe
Luv the funky, jazzy beats. Wish I could get a hold of their album. But don't know if this group is defunct or not. If anyone knows please tell moi.
Black Eyed Peas
I like I like I like.
Great site for SoCal hip-hop functions.
Been planning to check them out live.  They're a faboo latin/salsa, jazz and hip-hop band. Representing all the beautiful tones, hues, and shades of Los Angeles. 

Personal Pages
Indigo Boy's Homepage
Thanks Howie for the Angry Little Asian Girl shirt and the interview. There's not much on his page (but he gets bonus points cuz he's Taiwanese) but take the test he did for Yolk before it went bad How Asian American Are You?
Peril-L's Runner Duck Fleet
Chris thinks he should be in my S.A.M section. I sure know someone off AA sure does. Heh heh And I swore to him that I would never utter their name before there was the name MBs.
Michael Chih Ming Hornbuckle's ABSURD Web Page
Michael from the 18 MMW. He's so funnah. I luved hanging out with ya guys hope to see more skits. Oh yah he's one of my people. (har har) ;p He's a HAPA and part Taiwanese. There's tons of great info on his page. kit's outta sight site
"Who's this one?" tsk tsk. Yah, kit has a pretty faboo site. Pretty interesting dude. Oh yah a decent photographer.  Used his pics for the Women Kick Ass site. Hope ya liked the boba. 

Etc links
Spike and Mike's Festival of Animation
NO NECK JOE! 8) Make sure when they come to your town check out their Sick and Twisted Festival of Animation. Funnah stuff. heh heh
This comic Lenore ROCKS. It's so demented and disturbing, which makes for great comedy. This little dead girl comic is funnah as hell. I must get myself a T-shirt or something.
Cirque Du Soleil
You gotta to check them out when they come to your town. 1st show I ever saw was the Nouvelle Experience with my French Club and even having backrow seats, the show was faboo. And get the bad ass soundtracks too. I want to see O at Bellagio.
Urban Legends Reference Page
Got some interesting tidbits on this page. Definitely check out the Disney Legend section.
Culture Clash
Faboo Latino/Chicano comedy troupe. Great improv skills. Had a blast seeing you guys perform and hanging out with ya guys. Happy 15th anniversary. Loved ya show. 
AKA University of Caucasians Living in Asia. Bruins babee. I saw URSA. We BEAT SUC! haha I HATE U MIAMI AND WISCONSIN! arrrr
Interesting site. Check it out. I got 20 people in my 1st circle so far.
Art Center College of Design
Interesting fact I read "Asian Americans make up about a third of the student body." And my art teacher said they're mainly Asian Am femmes. I still want to go here. This school rocks. I accept donations...
Great site. Found some "interesting" information on here. heh heh I got a few postings on, soc.culture.asian.american, soc.culture.taiwan

OC Links
Costa Mesa High School
Go Mustangs. We won the bell. Class of 95 ROCKS ON!!!!
Orange Coast College
AKA Tangerine Tech. No more 30 year plan. Off to UCLA I go. I miss semester system
Orange County Fair
I didn't get a chance to go this year! 8'(
South Coast Plaza
What can I say it's South Coast Plaza babee. I can't afford half the shit they got there but I can look.
No Doubt
OC Band. That's right! Orange County. Yah babee! ;p  Saw them in concert at the Pond and boy did I feel OLD! Never saw so many Gwen clones in my life. And I'm pretty sure I saw Tony at Cowboy Boogie when Fishbone was performing. 


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