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maybe when finals are over more stuff will be put up.
ya right who am I kiddin?


TACL-Summer Camp 98 was faboo. My group the Purple Pimps ROCKED! Our skit kicked ass. Always stay Taiwanese Rose! Woo hoo hoo I got camp pics developed. A few of them didn't come out cuz the flash didn't work. 8'( But I still got a lot of good......incriminating (I accept cash, VISA,.....) photos. hehe...HAHAHAHAHAHA Time to scan those babies in and post them on my site. Yes, I'm evil whatja goin to do about it? Anyone that got the counselor pic taken on the last day send moi a copy purty please with a cherry on top. Cuz mines didn't come out. *sniff sniff* Or anyone with kewl camp photos send moi some. Albie ever so grateful. I'll be ya best friend? Please send hush money to.....the Planet Neptune.....alright to make postage easy on ya guys I'll give ya my Earth address. (Jason H.-you thought you're counselor was crazee. You have no idea heh heh) Too late mortals. The pics are up. You had your chance. So fools click here to be transported to the TACL-LA Camp pages which I co-webmaster with gogodancer. And be on the lookout for TACL-Winter Camp 99. This Feb 12-15 @ Camp Arrowhead. (I bet there's someone out wonderin who da heck is Jen? I'm jen the counselor. WHAT you were a counselor? Yes, I was DAMMIT *sigh* Hmmm wonder if I'm scaring you guys away from winter camp now. I promise I'll be good and sane. And you guys can laugh at my first and pathetic attempt at snowboarding. Or watch my live art performance piece called "Watch as Jen falls on her ass over and over and over...." And then stay for the next new bonus performance as Jen crashes into a tree. It's a gift ya know. I got skillz) Click here to check out why the girls go to TACL camps. cha right. You wish. heh heh.

now for some eye candy


check it out it's been updated and more info. Yup Yup OLIVE NUDE MEN! Porn just for Charmy har har Just make sure Ken (the dude who's got a thing for toons doesn't see it. heh heh.)

updated 4.4.99
So far people I've paid have visited this site since 5.7.98. Thanks mom!

Oh heck who I am kidding they're all hits by me.

For those that want to email me or harass me and tell me this page sucks you can reach me at 976-KATA. Or

Well somehow I recoverd a few of those emails but I'm still miss a big chunk of emails. So damm you scandisk take that and that...

Yah I got another P-chan keyring! (Do the dance of joy!) And got a stuffed animal of Ranma's dad in Panda form.

Oh yah check out my other homepage which my group was working on for our Asian Am course of Women, Resistance and Violence. it literally kicks ass!

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