Important dates from the past in assessing the Hawaiian Sovereignty Movement.

January 18, 1778-- Captain Cook stumbles upon the Hawaiian Islands.

March 30, 1820-- The first missionaries land on Kailua.

1835-- First successful sugar plantation in Hawai'i developed by American firm Ladd and Company.

1843-- France, Great Britain, United States recognizes Hawai'i as an independent nation.

September 9, 1876-- Reciprocity Treaty with U.S. is implemented.

1887-- Reciprocity Treaty with U.S. resigned. Pearl River was handed over for U.S. control as an incentive.

1891-- Lili'uokalani succeeds King Kalakaua as Queen of Hawai'i.

January 1893-- The Committee of Safety takes over the government building and a Provisional Government was set up with Dole as president.

1895-- Abdication of Lili'uokalani.

1896-- All Hawaiian language schools are closed. English becomes the official language.

June 15, 1898-- Hawai'i is annexed by joint resolution.

August 12, 1898-- Transfer of sovereignty to the U.S.