Studly Asian Men
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please pardon drool on floor

What's this page all about? You ask. Well whenever I would go to search for pics of Asian American male models on the web. I would either never find any or it would be for some porno or fruity site. Also cuz often times you see the Asian American male in a negative light. So I decide why not make my own damm page. This page is for all ya golden studmuffins. Did I mention that I'm single? ;p

Albert Lee *new pic*
Richard Lee *updated*
Kevin Louie *updated*
Brian Paylago *updated*
Allan Wu *new*

NOTE-Please bear with me. Remember these sites are under major construction and I'm learning html all on my own. So my skills are limited. And I'm still deciding whether to add Russell Wong and Dean Cain on here. But Charmy you'll be the first to know if I do. And if ya have of these eye candy studs pics TELL MOI please. 8)

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